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Darkwater Bay

Darkwater Bay

The Bay of Dark Water (YYY) was situated between the cluster of islands controlled by the Mantis, [1] overlooked by the village of Tokigogachu. [2]

Superstition Edit

There were few of those who believed in superstitions who crossed the bay. The sailor superstition said there was a city of horrible creatures on the bottom of the bay, and if you did not throw some rice over the side of the boat you would bring doom upon your head from the creatures below. [3] [1]

Naga City Edit

A Chameleon city once existed in the waters around what would become the Islands of Silk and Spice. The naga city was ravaged by the Lying Darkness, and its name was lost even to the Akasha. The first Naga Abominations arose from this city, and after the first Great Sleep they were left completely alone. When they were disturbed by Kaimetsu-Uo and his followers they destroyed several ships, only to stop when a Mantis sailor learned that tossing rice overboard kept the creatures at bay. [4]

Ghost ship Edit

Bay of Dark Water

Bay of Dark Water (YYY)

In 1123 a ship sunk by pirates returned as a ghost ship, attacking any vessel sailing the Crane-Mantis route. [5]

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