Wall of Bones

Wall of Bones

Wall of Bones was a fortification built by lost Kaiu engineers by order of Daigotsu. It was designed to defend the Lost from the incursions of the Hiruma. Construction on the great wall started in 1158. [1]

Defensive Sructure Edit

Wall of Bones 2

Wall of Bones

Daigotsu's wall was formed of the bones of both his failed servants and the corpses of his enemies. It had four towers, and a single gate was its only point of entry, centered to the only path which led directly to the City of the Lost. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

Destruction Edit

In 1171 the Wall of Bones was destroyed when hundreds of creatures were driven out of the depths of the Shadowlands, by something dangerous enough to scare oni. The demons were dying under the hooves of the larger creatures, but these oni were simply running away. The Kaiu Wall began to suffer daily attacks from the fleeing demons. [3]

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