Walking the Way

Walking the Way

Walking the Way was a Mastery 5 air spell which allowed the shugenja to link the caster current location with another location within Rokugan with a shimmering portal. [1]

Traveling Edit

Walking the Way 3

Beginning the travel

The shugenja opened a dimensional portal between two locations, allowing to travel between them. The distance traveled was still the same, and the travel time remained identical to traveling overland. The difference lied in the terrain and the obstacles on the road, which were avoided. [2] The spell took time, and for more travelers, more time. [3]

Casting Edit

Walking the Way 2

Casting the spell

The spell manifested as a glowing silver doorway leading into nothingness. Once the shugenja passed through, the doorway vanished. The travelers would not need to eat or sleep while they were on the path. At the end of the journey, another doorway would appear which emerged onto the spell's destination and would vanish once all the travelers had passed through it. [2]

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