Wakeru no Oni

Wakeru no Oni

Wakeru no Oni, the Demon of the Endless Horde, was an oni of the Shadowlands. [1] It was called such because its severed limbs would quickly transform into smaller Wakeru no Oni which would quickly join their parent in assaulting its enemy, then if given the opportunity grow into a demon just as deadly as the original Wakeru.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Wakeru no Oni seemed like a frail creature at first, a hunched humanoid with long arms. They often blue or even black, and had an emaciated, almost skeletal appearance with long, gaunt arms and sunken features, ape-like in their motions. [2]

Its attacks could be dodged quite easily by trained bushi. This oni seemed to completely forego any defensive stance and with reason since when it was dismembered, the severed limb would shift so as to form a new Wakeru no Oni. Smaller and less harmful, it would however efficiently distract its attackers. [3]

The more the bushi dismembered Wakeru, the more creatures it created. The only way to kill it would then be to stamp every little offender to the ground before being overwhelmed by the sheer number of smaller oni attacking the bushi. [3] The Crab believed the first Wakeru no Oni was an attempt to summon an oni that would instantly regenerate from any wound, an attempt that went horribly wrong. [1]

Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1123 a Wakeru no Oni was trapped in its lair beneath Otosan Uchi, a group of Shintao monks of the Kanshi Community had purified the entrance of the Oni's cave, so that the Wakeru no Oni could not leave. [4]

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