The Visitors District was the third wall district of Clear Water Village.

Strict Curfew Edit

The Crab were very wary of outsiders, and allowed access too and from the Visitors District by a single gate connected to the Workers District. The gate was guarded at all times, and locked between midnight and dawn.[1]

Regular patrols followed the walls at regular intervals, and any found to be outside without proper papers would be in serious trouble. The walls themselves were tall and smooth, nearly impossible to climb without proper equipment. Suspicious activity, such as climbing the walls, will most likely result in bushi attacking first and asking questions later.[1]

Ammenities Edit

Within the district there were numerous inns, tea houses and sake houses, most of acceptable quality. There was also a garden, designed in a similar way to that in the Administrative District, although on a larger scale.[2]

Capacity Edit

For most of the year the district is at less that two-thirds capacity, but during the Great Fairs it would be overfloweing. Those staying there at that time would ofted have to pay much higher prices than normal, or even sharing rooms with strangers.[2]

Local Superstition Edit

Some in the district claim to hear strange noises from within the walls, leading people to think the district may be haunted. Some stories also circulate of a man following another who was acting suspiciously, but after turning a corner found that the man had disappeared. The man in the story had also been visiting a sake house, and little credence was given to his claims.[2]


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