The Vigilant Keep Dojo was the dojo of the Monkey Clan, located in the Vigilant Keep of the Monkey. [1] There the Monkey Bushi were trained, [2] and it also taught the Fuzake Shugenja, Minor Clan Defender, and Minor Clan Diplomat schools. [3]

Destroyed and Rebuilt Edit

In the few decades after its construction the dojo had fallen twice: first to the forces of the Lying Darkness during the War Against the Shadow and second to the armies of the Steel Chrysanthemum Hantei XVI during the War of Spirits. Both times it was rebuilt and expanded. Some said that this symbolized the spirit of the Monkey Clan with its resilience and determination. [2]

Tradition Edit

The dojo accepted any samurai who wished to join it, but the techniques of the Clan were only tought to their kin. Sensei adapted each man's style to their strenghts and weaknesses. Kenjutsu was the main combat style taught there. [3]

Training Edit

The dojo placed great emphasis on the power of the individual to overcome any obstacle, and by knowing their own abilities and limitations a samurai could overcome those obstacles and be more than the sum of their strengths. [2] In a small temple the Fuzake Shugenja practiced their style of magic. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit


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