Vigilants were Shinjo Bushi who swore vengeance to the Kolat on the day of their gempukku and immediately thereafter set out to hum conspiracy agents. The school was formed after the Kami Shinjo purged the Unicorn Clan from the kolat and exposed the Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Yokatsu as a Kolat Master. The Shinjo Daimyo publicly denied that any of their family would act outside the law to hunt the Kolat. [1]

Kolat View on the Vigilants Edit

The Vigilants were individuals who defied the law and tradition of Rokugan and acted alone, using only their own power and ability. So they were the sort of people the Kolat would like to see ruling the Empire. The Kolat attempted to corrupt Vigilants whenever possible. [1]

Offspring Edit

After the destruction of the Hidden Temple in 1170, the Ox Clan was purged of many kolat who had deeply infiltrated the clan. Moto Chen trusted in the new Ox Clan Champion, Morito Garin, and through one of his advisors the Ox learned the techniques of the Vigilant. They developed a offspring, the Garin's Vigilants. [2]

Known Techniques and Feats Edit


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