Victory With No Strike
Location: Kimura
Date: 353
Major Forces: Phoenix Clan,
Crane Clan
Generals: Isawa Asahina,
Doji Kiriko
Battles of Rokugan

The Victory With No Strike occured in 353 after the Crane intervention [1] in the First Lion-Phoenix War. [2]

Background Edit

The Lion had exhausted their own food resources, so they decided to expand in the Phoenix and Crane lands. For months, the Crane maneuvered in the Imperial Court, until they had the upper hand, forcing the Lion to sign a non-aggression treaty. This very night the Lion invaded the Tanima sano Futatsu Taisho, and marched upon the Phoenix lands. [3]

Invasion of the Phoenix lands Edit

The Crane were trapped by their own treaty, which forbade to send support to their Phoenix allies. The Lion easily reached Shiro Shiba. The invaders were presed by the Crane, who had proclaimed a trade embargo against the invaders, cutting off Lion supply lines. During a battle with Phoenix forces at the borders of Sleeping Thunder Mountain the Lion were forced to negotiate a truce when they were caught by a force of Daidoji 'bringing supplies' to the besieged Phoenix. [3] The true hero of the battle was Miya Naganori, who had found the trick researching ancient laws, and had delivered it to the Crane Clan Champion, despite he had been severed from a leg in the journey. He endured to survive until he moved to Kyuden Doji. [4]

Side-effect Edit

That truce gave the Lion the undisputed right to the lands which had once been held for the Unicorn. [3]

Phoenix Revenge Edit

Outraged over what he perceived as meddling, the war obsessed Phoenix Master of Air Isawa Asahina, began ransacking villages in Crane territory. [5]

The Wounding of Kiriko Edit

The Crane Clan Champion's daughter Doji Kiriko rode out to stop Asahina in the Kimura village that was threatened by his predations. She took up a stance directly in front of him, never fighting back, and mutely stood her ground against him. Behind her, horrified Crane peasants watched as Asahina struck at her unyielding form.

She took many wounds from his sword, but when he had nearly killed her he awoke from his rage and realized his terrible error. Kiriko had not only saved the Crane villagers, she had also saved Asahina from himself, a victory with no strike. [6]

Aftermath and Atonement Edit

In recompense for his misdeeds against the Crane, he left the Phoenix and the Council of Five. After nursing Kiriko back to full health, he asked to marry her. Together they went on to found the Asahina family of the Crane. [7] [8]


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