The Vault of the Tsuno had a gateway in the Shadowlands, masquerading as a pair of statues that revered Daigotsu and Fu Leng. A command phrase opened a portal to Gaki-do, the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, which led into the Tsuno structure there. [1]

Storehouse Edit

The Tsuno kept their spoils of war within the vault as Rokugani nemuranai, materials from other Spirit Realms, anything else for study, and also housed some of the more dangerous spirits they had found in their travels of the Realms. Only the Supreme leaders of the Tsuno Temples, Tsukuroi Shinden, Nikushimi Shinden, and Toguchi Shinden, were allowed to open it, alongside with the Captain of the Tsuno House Guard. [1]

Powerful Items Edit

There was one level that kept the most prized treasures, as jade and crystal katanas forged by the Blessed Guard in Yomi, shards of the carapace from Nikushimi, one of the only cages known to be able to trap mujina or any creature from Sakkaku, and various sets of armor made to protect non-Tsuno travelers from the ravages of the Spirit Realms. [1]

Iuchiban's Weapons Edit

During the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Tsuno looted the Ancestral Mausoleum in Otosan Uchi. [2] The katanas, yari and yumi enchanted to help slay Iuchiban were seized from the Mausoleum and put in a separate section of the vault. Tsuno Soultwisters investigated them, despite the interest of Iuchiban to recover them. [1]


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