Uzaki no Oni

Uzaki no Oni

Uzaki no Oni, the Demon Commander, was an oni commander of the Shadowlands.

Appeareance Edit

Uzaki no Oni were as tall as ogres, had jet-black skin and flame-red hair. Horns sprouted from their heads, their mouths were full of sharp fangs, and the fingers were clawed. They used to wear armor and wielded obsidian katana that burned in flames. [1]

Oni Commander Edit

Uzaki no Oni had better tactical knowledge to command the Shadowlands forces in the battlefield, than their undisputed rulers, the Oni Lords. They were intelligent and questioned captured samurai to learn in their enemies' tactics, and to share the knowledge with their kin. [1]

Legends Edit

Legends said that any who bested an Uzaki no Oni in battle, but allowed it to live, would be hunted down to prove it was the better warrior. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Uzaki no Oni fought against the Destroyers in the Destroyer War. [2]

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