Utaku Xiulian 
Utaku Xiulian 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Utaku Xiulian was a bushi and battle maiden of the Unicorn Clan.

Baraunghar Edit

Xiulian was the commander of one of the three divisions of the Baraunghar Advance Guard. [1]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

In 1166 Xiulian and her Battle Maiden division marched toward the small village of Sukoshi Zutsu at the command of Shinjo Rao. They were intercepted by Dragon Imperial Legions led by Mirumoto Takeo. The Batttle Maidens killed Takeo and sought for an escape. [1]

Death Edit

The Dragon Rikugunshokan, Mirumoto Kei, had ordered Takeo to avoid the Unicorn units to reach the village, and had provided him with Tamori Tsukiro. The shugenja faced alone Xiuian and the remnants battle maidens. When the Unicorn charged and killed Tsukiro, the fire potions the Dragon had wrapped around his body exploded, killing all around. [1]

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