Utaku Tarako 
Utaku Tarako 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Utaku Sannosuke

Utaku Tarako was a battle maiden of the Unicorn Clan. She attained the status of enlightenment.

Family Edit

Tarako was the only daughter of Utaku Sannosuke, member of the Rojin's Wanderers, while Tarako's mother died during childbirth. Sannosuke raised Tarako alone, and brought her along on his many journeys across Rokugan and taught her his ways. Tarako was instilled with his wanderlust, his love for nature and an insight into how to survive in the wilderness. As a result, she grew up with the mindset of a Shinjo rather than an Utaku. [1]

Station Edit

Utaku Tarako 2

Utaku Tarako

Tarako joined the Utaku dojo and became a Battle Maiden. She was assigned to an outpost along the Unicorn-Lion border, in a small trading town that connected to the City of the Rich Frog. During the War of the Rich Frog Tarako used her knowledge of the surroinding lands to dislodge a Lion attack against the town she defended, defeating a force that outnumbered the Unicorn more than two to one. [1]

Khol Ambusher Edit

The Khan Moto Chagatai added her to the Khol, his personal army, and ordered her to eliminate a Lion commander, which she quickly accomplished. Impressed by her skills, the Khan promoted her immediately, and eventually joined the highest ranking officers of the Khol. [1]

Enlightenment Edit

As one of Chagatai's favored officers, Tarako earned the nickname "The Khan's Vengeance" for her ferocity in battle. For a time she viewed the land as nothing more than a military assest, but after reflecting on the beauty of nature she came to question that mindset. [2]

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