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Utaku Takai 
Utaku Takai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Several un-named sisters 
Spouse: Shinjo Chiyo 
Titles: Ruby Champion,
Ruby Dojo Sensei,
Dojo of the Center Sensei

Otaku Takai was a bushi and Horse Master that became the Ruby Champion. He changed to Utaku Takai when the Kami Shinjo shifted the family's name.

Family Edit

Takai was born in Shiro Shinjo, a male in a highly matriarchal family, he could never be as important as his sisters, who joined the Battle Maiden school while he attended the Otaku Infantry Dojo, one of the best students of his class. Takai was married with Shinjo Chiyo, a distant cousin of the Shinjo Daimyo Shinjo Yokatsu. Though they married in hectic times, with the Kami Shinjo's return and the upheaval of the Shinjo family close, Takai and Chiyo learned to love each other. [1]

Magistrate Edit

Takai became a magistrate a few years before the War of Spirits. He was responsible for the destruction of two bandit gangs, and personally halted a smuggling operation. Eventually his beloved wife perished from a disease. [1]

Worshipper Edit

When Moto Chagatai advocated the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang gods, he established one of the first temples to the Lords of Death near Takai's lands. Takai soon became one of the most devoted worshippers of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang. [1]

Ruby Champion Edit

Takai as a Ruby Champion was granted with the position of sensei of the Emerald Magistrates [2] in the Ruby Dojo. [3]

Shiro Moto Edit

Takai used to live at Shiro Moto, where he was the sensei [2] of the Dojo of the Center.

Khan's Defeat Edit

After the Khan's defeat in the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169 the Unicorn must demonstrate the Khan's true nature by exposing the clans to their young samurai, men and women of character that could serve as an example to others of the true ideals we all hold. Aged Takai sent two of his favored students, Utaku Kohana, his great-niece, and Moto Taban, as ambassadors to the other Clans. They were assigned to an elder courtier in one of various Unicorn delegations departing into the Empire. [2]

Retirement Edit

Takai sought for his replacement, feeling that his assignment as sensei of the Emerald Dojo could be revoked by a new Emerald champion because his connections with the Khan. [2] He decided that Yasuki Miliko would be his successor as the master sensei to the Emerald Magistrates. [4]

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Preceded by:
Ruby Champion
? - 1169
Succeeded by:
Yasuki Miliko


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