The Utaku Steppes were the haunted barren tracts of rock and dust north of Akami, with great swaths of relatively flat and unbroken rock plains where riding was not difficult. [1]

Portal to Toshigoku Edit

After the Return of the Ki-Rin some members of the Moto family contacted their cousins in the Burning Sands, the Ujik-hai. Some barbarians returned to the edge of Unicorn lands with the Moto explorers, on the Utaku Steppes, where the Ujik-hai turned on their cousins and attempted to take the lands for their own. A band of patrolling Shiotome save the day for their kinsmen, slaughtering the last few true worshippers of the Lords of Death. The resulting anguish of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang opened a passage to Toshigoku, trapping the souls who died there. [1]

Haunted Edit

The noble Otaku and Moto who died on these steppes used to call out their descendents, only to share their imprisonment in the Realm of Slaughter. The Unicorn in question felt an inexorable yearning to travel to the Utaku Steppes, roaming the rocky plains searching for something they could not describe until they were never seen again. [1]


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