The Otaku Stables Burn

The Otaku Stables Burn

The Otaku Stables, located in the Battle Maiden Castle, were the breeding grounds for the greatest horses the Emerald Empire had ever seen, the Utaku steeds. [1]

Appearance Edit

So large were the stables in fact, that they needed their own walls and defensive guard to protect them. The horses there all belonged to the Utaku Battle Maidens, and were bred and trained in the plains around the castle. [1] They were tended by the Hyuga vassal family. [2]

Otaku Stables Burn Edit

In 1131 [2] during a fire in the Otaku Stables, the Stable Master Otaku Kojiro helped his beloved horses to flee, but died in the process. [3] The stables had been burned by the Scorpion Clan commanded by Bayushi Yokuan. [4]


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