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Utaku Sakiko

Utaku Sakiko

Utaku Sakiko was a Battle Maiden and magistrate of the Unicorn Clan.

Unicorn-Phoenix War Edit

Sakiko was appointed as magistrate to Gakkyoku Mura, a minor farming settlement. She was concerned with the current hostilities between her clan and the Phoenix, and wrote to her Lady Utaku Ji-Yun about the nonsense of losing lives over an argument. [1]

Securing the Utaku Steeds Edit

In 1200 Ikoma Aimi suggested the new Emperor Iweko II that the Utaku steeds might become the breeding stock for the Imperial Legions. Sakiko was enraged by the proposal, and in turn she requested to bring the Kitsune family back in their original clan, the Unicorn. The Emperor agreed with the opinion of Kitsune Makiko and Master of Air Isawa Tsumaro, letting the Kitsune remain within the Mantis. He also left the Utaku steeds as Unicorn only breed. Sakiko warned Aimi her actions would have repercussions. [2]

Utaku Stables Saved Edit

At Shiro Utaku Shojo Sakiko reported to Utaku Zo Sia and her Lady Moto Naleesh that the purity of the blood within the Utaku steeds had thinned. The Unicorn Clan Champion imparted the touch of the Kami upon the entire herd, making their bloodline as strong as it was at the Dawn of the Empire. [3]

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Utaku Sakiko

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