Utaku Sahijir

Utaku Sahijir

Sahijir was a Moto Clan who moved to Rokugan joining the Unicorn Clan as Otaku Sahijir of House Naoko. She became a magistrate Battle Maiden and member of the Naoko family, vassals of the Utaku family. She later became Utaku Shijir when her family changed the name.

Burning Sands Edit

Sahijir followed the Moto to Rokugan at the Kami Shinjo's command, but when she arrived, another destiny awaited her. [1] As other gaijin who came to aid the Unicorn in the Moto War swore fealty to the Naoko family once they settled down in Rokugan. [2]

Legacy of the Naga Edit

Sahijir, Ide Buodin, and Moto Sakura were the magistrates sent to protect the Naga through Lion Clan lands under the command of Shinjo Shirasu. Both she and Buodin were sent to stop Sakura from delivering a mistaken message to Otosan Uchi. [3]

Naoko Daimyo's Hatamoto Edit

While Naoko Yisheng was left to hunt for a cursed nemuranai, Sahijir took over her resposibilities as her hatamoto within the family. She was considered Yisheng's heir. [2]

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