Utaku Saddle Cutter

Utaku Saddle Cutter

The Utaku Saddle Cutter was a type of no-dachi that was used by the Utaku family to battle the differing tactics outside of Rokugan. The blades were made with an extra measure of metal to provide greater structural strength. The blade reached about three to four inches further than a normal no-dachi. The grip was often a few inches longer than normal to compensate for the extra weight in the blade but this was usually the smiths personal choice. The tsuba were solid discs with a pattern on the outer edge designed to deflect polearm attacks. Some samurai placed a large silk rope at the end of the pommel and connected to the mount or rider. In this case, if the item was lost it was easily retrieved.

The Utaku prized these blades because of the lineage that they held. Each blade was handed down from samurai to samurai in a tradition similar to that of the katana. While this might be true, the Utaku family did receive plenty of negative comments of dishonor from other clan samurai. Contrary to common belief, the Utaku did not use the blade as a primary weapon, but usually as a side arm. Most relied on their katana if necessary. [1]

Origin Edit

The Saddle Cutter was said to have been created by an Otaku shugenja while the Clan was journeying through the Burning Sands, and it was clearly of gaijin design. [2]

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