Utaku Reyo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1170 
Siblings: Utaku Meyko

Utaku Reyo was a member of the Unicorn Clan. Her parents did something to cause Reyo and her sister Utaku Meyko to live in disgrace, but the exact nature of this act was unknown.[1]

Death Edit

During the War of Dark Fire in 1170 Reyo was meditating at the Shrine of the Ki-Rin when she was informed by a monk that a Yobanjin force was approaching the shrine and that everyone was being evacuated. Reyo was torn by the thought of abandoning the shrine or staying behind to defend it. It was at this time that Reyo was visited by a Ki-Rin, which offered her a way to spare her sister the disgrace brought upon them by their parents, but at a great coast. Grabbing a tetsubo that had been left at the shrine by some traveler, she rode to the pass that the attacking forces would have to go through to reach the shrine. After being hit by a number of crossbow bolts she was able to strike the walls of the path repeatedly with the tetsubo causing a landslide to destroy both her and the Yobanjin forces.[1]


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