Utaku Qsi-Tsing 
Utaku Qsi-Tsing 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173

Utaku Qsi-Tsing was a bushi, gunso and battle maiden of the Unicorn Clan.

Black Scroll Edit

After the Black Scroll guarded by the Iuchi family was stolen in 1160, Qsi-Tsing, Iuchi Yue's personal guard, began to seek it. [1]

Yue's quest Edit

Yue insisted on tracking the Scroll alone into Phoenix lands, in the guise of a simple magistrate. She argued that a single shugenja would be able to travel more quickly, and ordered Qsi-Tsing to stay behind. [2]

Vanished Edit

Yue vanished seeking the stolen Black Scroll, and Qsi-Tsing spent three years seeking them both without success. The Khan Moto Chagatai absolved her of this duty on the day he declared Yue dead and raised a new daimyo in her place, but Qsi-Tsing had never forgotten. [2]

Ebon Daughter Edit

During the Destroyer War the Ebon Daughter's identity was known and Qsi-Tsing knew she would not have forgiveness. In 1173 fought against the Destroyers until she was almost cut in half. Only her horse saved Qsi-Tsing, and news that the war had ended arrived. [2]

Death Edit

She was healed but it would not be enough for the journey she had to do. She moved to Toshi Ranbo, and grievously wounded was met by Yogo Rieko, Jade Champion's aide, in the Imperial Palace. Qsi-Tsing surrendered her blades to have them broken and placed with the traitor's remains, so that her shattered honor forever rested where it belonged. Rieko took the weapons and Qsi-Tsing departed to quietly die. [2]

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