The Utaku Mounted Infantry was formed by bushi males of the Utaku family trained in the art of infantry warfare, [1] serving as shock troops. [2]

Matriarchal Family Edit

The Utaku was a matriarchal family, and the male were forbidden from riding the Utaku steeds into battle, and never held the same authority as their female counterparts. The male used to become Stable Masters or joined the Shinjo Bushi school. [1]

Founding Edit

Since the Shinjo family's downfall following the Shinjo's purge of the kolat influence, a great rift formed between the two families. The Utaku Infantry School quickly gained popularity, as Utaku students endeavored to avoid association with the Shinjo if possible. [1] It was developed from the first techniques devised by Otaku Buki, drawing inspiration from the gaijin fighting techniques he had seen. [3]

Tradition Edit

The school was usually restricted to male family members only, despite few male members of other families joined it, though such cases were rare. In the battlefield the Utaku Infantry were as silent and intimidating as the Battle Maiden, and these elite units were often invited to march beside the Khol legions to negate enemy cavalry. Those who dishonored themselves were quickly expelled, and even they were cast out of the Unicorn as ronin. [4] On rare occasions samurai of other Families had been allowed to join their ranks if they were willing to forsake their right to ride horses. [2]

Organization Edit

The Utaku Infantry was divided into three separate legions, each specialized in a different kind of weapon, the katana, the yari, and the yumi. All infantrymen wielded wide shields, introduced to the Ki-Rin Clan during their many centuries in the Burning Sands. [5]

  • Swordsman's Legion - Twenty-Third Khol Legion
  • Pikeman's Legion - Twenty-Seventh Khol Legion
  • Bowman's Legion - Thirty-First Khol Legion

Known Techniques and Features Edit

See also Edit


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