Utaku Katiro was a local magistrate of the Unicorn Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Katiro lusted after women, was dull and lazy, but not without ambition. He blamed others for his weaknesses, seeking any excuse for his failures. [1]

Station Edit

Katiro was a overseer of small Unicorn villages in their southern provinces, near the Shinomen Mori. He had a long-term grievance, against a more competent rival, a fellow bureaucrat Akishiro, whom Katiro had accused of harboring bandits that prey upon his lands. [1]

Raised in power Edit

Katiro was approached by a ronin, who offered to deal with his rival. He agreed and in return to aid his unknown benefactor. Three days later the village of Thunder's Blessing Village was razed to the ground by bandits. Katiro easily made a convincing case when some of the dead bandits were found with koku with the seal of a neighboring village, oversaw by his rival. The bandits had been supported by a maho-tsukai, and the accusations of maho turned even Akishiro's most ardent supporters away from him. Katiro became more important. [1]

Blackmailed Edit

Katiro was commanded by his benefactors, and followed their requests terrified by the thought of losing his position or having his collaboration with outsiders exposed. The outsider who approached him, Chuda Hiroe, his sensei Chuda Rintaro, and their master Michio gained a puppet in the southern Unicorn provinces for the Spider Clan. [1]

Growing in rank Edit

With the help of Chuda Hiroe and the Spider Clan, Katiro managed to defeat some local bandits, solidifying his hold on the region. Later, he introduced Daigotsu Susumu and Daigotsu Gyoken to the Ide daimyo, Ide Tang, as payment for their help. [2]

Night of the Spider Edit

In 1170 the Spider unleashed a group of assassins throughout the Empire targeting prominent figures of all the Great Clans, during the so called Night of the Assassins. Each of the murdered low ranking samurai would be replaced by one of the legion of lesser men and women that the Spider Clan owned in one way or another. Men like Utaku Katiro, who had been the stepping stone the Spider had required to forge an alliance with the Unicorn. [3]


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