1048 – Isawa Taiko is born

1055 – Isawa Taiko is found to be deaf to the Kami, he learns the way of the Shiba.

1056 – Moshi Kikona is born, Her father is granted stewardship of Kurifusaidobīchi. (Village of the Stone Fish)

1071 – Mako is born (he is born to a Ronin and Geisha in the city of Ryoko Owari Toshi)

1074 – Isawa Taiko asks Moshi Kikona to marry him, she tells him, “Only if you take my name”

1076 - Moshi Juni is born to Moshi Kikona and Moshi Taiko

1085 – Moshi Taiko dies in Phoenix Lands during a duel. He was 37

1093 – After serving as a Yojimbo to Moshi Kikona, Mako is given permisssion to wed her daughter Moshi Juni, “if you will take her name”

1094 - Moshi Mako and Juni are wed. He is 23 and She is 18

1098 – Moshi Kanbe is born. He is the son of Mako and Juni

1102 – Moshi Jingara is born. He is the second son of Mako and Juni

1104 – Hida Fujukara is born. She is the daughter of Hida Marko and Laka

1118 – Moshi Kanbe is married to Moto Tenada and takes the Moto name. He is 20

1122 – Moshi Jingara and Hida Fujikara are wed. Ages 20 and 18

1127 – Moshi Kikona dies at age 71, months before….

1127 – The Centipede clan is absorbed by the Mantis Clan, the Moshi family of the Mantis.

1128 – The Wasp clan becomes the Tsuruchi Family within the Mantis

1129 – Moshi Mako passes at age 53

1130 – Kitsune Jen is born. She is the Daughter of Kitsune Yako and Jukina

1131 - Moshi Davido is born. He is the Son of Jingara and Fujikara

1133 – Moshi Kitina is born. She is the Daughter of Jingara and Fujikara

1135 – Kitsune Togetogeshii is born. He is Kitsune Jen’s cousin

1136 – Moshi Kitina shows signs of becoming a Shugenja. (Early 1136)

1137 – Moshi Kitina drowns, her last words “I hear the water calling mommy” (late 1137)

1137 – Togetogeshii falls down a well and dies. (He is replaced by a Kitsune Spirit - This is not know)

1139 – Moshi Juni passes at age 66

1141 – Tushar (Bu) is born in the village of the Stone Fish, it is not documented due to being a peasant.

1146 - Moshi (Hida) Fujikara dies (age 42) – Davido is 15

1147 – Moshi Jingara retires at age 45 – Davido is 16

1148 – Kitsune Jen is married to Moshi Davido, she is 18 and he is 17

1149 – Moshi Kara is born – Davido is 18

1151 - Moshi Davido learns the courtly arts from a Yoritomo Courtier that lives at the Village of the Stone Fish for a year. Yoritomo Hikaru then leaves to join a monestary and retire.

1152 – Moshi Davido spends a year on a Kobune and earns his place as a Yoritomo Bushi

1154 – Moshi Davido takes Tushar as a servant for the first time. They take a trip to Kyuden Moshi. Davido presents his daughter to Moshi Jukio the Clan Daimyo as was custom.

1159 – Davido is assigned to the Mantis Embassy of Ryu Bannin Toshi – Month of the Serpent

1159 - Otosan Uchi burns - Davido is 28 – Month of the Rat

1159 – Mantis Civil war Begins – Month of the Tiger (not yet happened in our campaign– end of year)

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