aka Moshi Davido

  • I live in Village of the Stone Fish, Moshi Lands
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Samurai, Kobune Captain, Father
  • I am male
  • Ledeas

    The art of the sword and in a wider scope, the art of battle is much like the art of commerce. Samurai of the other clans would never stoop to learn the art of commerce as they consider it to be dishonorable and without glory, but any Mantis would know that zeni are like ashigaru. The more you bring home, the better your tomorrows will be.

    It is easy to learn to wield a katana. You start with the bokken and learn the patterns of striking and slashing. You graduate to learning katas and the care required for your blade. You learn the history of your sword, your school, the forms and such. Yet in battle when the screams of death are in your ears; it is the memory of your muscle, the desire to succeed for your clan and Emperor, your worldly de…

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  • Ledeas

    1048 – Isawa Taiko is born

    1055 – Isawa Taiko is found to be deaf to the Kami, he learns the way of the Shiba.

    1056 – Moshi Kikona is born, Her father is granted stewardship of Kurifusaidobīchi. (Village of the Stone Fish)

    1071 – Mako is born (he is born to a Ronin and Geisha in the city of Ryoko Owari Toshi)

    1074 – Isawa Taiko asks Moshi Kikona to marry him, she tells him, “Only if you take my name”

    1076 - Moshi Juni is born to Moshi Kikona and Moshi Taiko

    1085 – Moshi Taiko dies in Phoenix Lands during a duel. He was 37

    1093 – After serving as a Yojimbo to Moshi Kikona, Mako is given permisssion to wed her daughter Moshi Juni, “if you will take her name”

    1094 - Moshi Mako and Juni are wed. He is 23 and She is 18

    1098 – Moshi Kanbe is born. He is t…

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