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Usagi Takeshi 
Usagi Takeshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Children: Usagi Takeshi

Usagi Takeshi served as chief general for Usagi Oda when the Hare Clan was disbanded.

Karo Edit

Takeshi was the gruff old karo serving Hare Clan Champion Usagi Oda in 1123, and served as their general. [1]

Siege of Shiro Usagi Edit

Usagi Oda put Takeshi in charge of the defenses of Shiro Usagi during the Siege of Shiro Usagi in 1123.[1] The smaller Hare army fended off the Scorpion army led by Bayushi Tomaru for 4 days. [2]

Death Edit

Takeshi died on the final day of the siege, after the outer defenses had fallen. He helped Usagi Ozaki escape through a secret tunnel with the Hare Clan Sword and a Kolat Scroll before committing seppuku. [2]

Son Edit

Takeshi's son, Usagi Takeshi, took his father's name upon his gempukku, and grew up to eventually become the chief advisor of Usagi Ozaki and the sensei of Reichin's Refuge Dojo. [3]

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