Usagi Ozaki 
Usagi Ozaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Usagi Oda 
Siblings: Usagi Tomoe
Usagi Kinotu 
Children: Usagi Kashira,
Usagi Oteko 
Titles: Hare Clan Champion

Usagi Ozaki was a bushi of the Hare Clan, and the son of the Hare Clan Champion. Later, he became the Hare Clan Champion himself, and was one of the longest-reigning family daimyo in Rokugan.

Family Edit

Ozaki was the son of Hare Clan Champion Usagi Oda. Ozaki had a sister, Usagi Tomoe [1], a son, Usagi Kashira, [2] and a daughter, Usagi Oteko. [3]

Appearance Edit

Ozaki was a slender man, not overly tall, with the same weak chin as his father. He would normally wear formal and conservative clothes. [1]

Otosan Uchi Edit

Ozaki accompanied his sister Usagi Tomoe to Otosan Uchi in 1122, [4] when their father sent Tomoe to the capital to find a suitable husband. While they were there their retainer Seiki was seen entering the den of vice known as the House of the Winter Moon. Ozaki went there in disguise to retrieve Seiki, who was needed to accompany Tomoe. Ozaki found Seiki, but then also noticed his old friend Matsu Akira apparently being blackmailed by a figure in dark garments. [5]

Uncovering a Conspiracy Edit

Ozaki followed the figure who he later recognized as Soshi Yukio, a known enemy of Akira. Ozaki got Tomoe to follow Yukio while he followed Akira, attempting to help his friend without him knowing. Yukio and Akira met again, but this time Akira paid her a lot of money and gave her “new orders”. Ozaki and Tomoe followed Yukio, but she spotted them and Yukio tried to flee but was killed in the chase. Ozaki recovered the scroll, and the siblings returned home with no news of marriage. Tomoe started trying to decifer it with no luck. [6]

Hare Clan Sword Edit

Sometime later in 1123, Ozaki encountered an ogre which had been plaguing Hare lands. He killed the ogre, and retrieved a saya from it's corpse. [1] Oda identified the saya as that of the Hare Clan Sword. Tomoe communed with the spirits of the saya, and learned that the blade was located in Shiro Hiruma. Ozaki decided to travel to Shiro Hiruma and recover the blade. [7] He found it in the possession of a goblin shugenja known as the Exalted Ugu and recovered it. A ronin named Masago attempted to take the blade for herself, but Ozaki was able to stop her. [8]

Siege of Shiro Usagi Edit


Ronin Ozaki with Kenno

Ozaki returned to find Shiro Usagi besieged by a Scorpion army led by Bayushi Tomaru. The Scorpion were seeking revenge for the death of Soshi Yukio and seeking to recover the scroll that Ozaki stole. Oda and the Hare Clan stood defiant, and fought for six days. [9] Oda was killed in the siege, and Tomoe captured by Tomaru. Ozaki fled with the Hare Clan Sword, and the Hare Clan were abolished by decree of the Emperor when accusations of maho use were levelled against them. [10] Ozaki had paid for his escape with an eye, [11] lost to a Scorpion arrow. [12]

Ronin Edit

First Kolat Encounter Edit

Ozaki followed the clues Tomoe had deciphered to Mori Kage Village, a village near Morikage Toshi. He found the local magistrate Ide Gonkuro dying in his bed, who had poisoned himself to be released of the kolat plots. [4] Usagi fled after the house was set to fire by a hidden assailant, destroying any tracks of the kolat activities. Witnesses had provided his description as the culprit behind the fire and the local magistrate's death. Before the fire, he got some notes about a Yasuki Merchant, so he moved toward the Crab lands. [11] He was pursued by the Emerald Magistrates led by Miya Katsu. [13]

Second Kolat Encounter Edit

In his journey he came to Ryoko Owari Toshi, where was assaulted by a Kolat Assassin, by the name Koda. Ozaki beheaded the assailant with Kenno and left the City of Stories. [14]

Third Kolat Encounter Edit

Chased Ozaki wielding Kenno

Chased Ozaki wielding Kenno

Ozaki was resting at an inn of Nanashi Mura when the magistrates led by Katsu marched into the village. He was prepared to meet his doom when a shabby little man in the garb of a trader led the samurai away, into the dark tangle of forest. Before the merchant left he glanced directly at Ozaki's position mouthing a single word, "Run". Ozaki did not know why the man, who obviously to him was a kolat, had aided him. [14] The merchant most probably was Yasuki Taka.

Katsu Turns his Investigation Edit

Circumstances had demonstrated to Katsu that Ozaki was not responsible, as his orders to arrest Ozaki were issued weeks before Gonkuro's death occurred. Through the connections of the Imperial with the Sparrow Clan, a group of samurai were tasked to unveil the conspiracy, one powerful enough to manipulate Emerald Magistrates and to wipe out a Minor Clan. [15]

Seeking the Truth Edit

In 1125 Ozaki moved to Kosaten Shiro, where Daidoji Unoko was living, a samurai-ko who was one of the four who testified the Hare were Maho-tsukai. Unoko was unable to answer Ozaki's questions, as she was apparently insane. Another of the infamous witnesses, Toritaka Bonugi, had been murdered days before. [16]

Meeting the Investigators Edit

Ozaki has visited the Yasuki territory repeatedly, to find another clue, or to get a chance to question Yasuki Taka, the Yasuki Daimyo. In one of his visits to Yasuki Yashiki he saw the group of samurai who were making questions about the Hare, and tailed the party subtly. Ozaki was surprised from the back, when the already dead Koda attacked and knocked him out. The party killed the assassin, whose body blackened and melted into a puddle of black goo. [17]

Infected by Shimushigaki Edit

Ozaki during the fight had been infected by the Shimushigaki. He was tended by the personal shugenja of Taka, Yasuki Garou. The priest realized a evil had entered Ozaki's soul somehow, and only banishing it would restore him to health. Garou suggested the group of samurai to bring Ozaki to the Temple of Jurojin on the Fields of the Morning Sun, to be tended by the monk Moruko, a former Toritaka. [18]

Kolat's Conspiracy Edit

The samurai confronted Kitsune Hamato, learning that the Bells of the Dead could put the gaki back to sleep. They had recovered one of the bells which after it was rung released Ozaki from the gaki's illness. Taka told that Asako Nakiro was a Maho-tsukai he once helped, also infected by the Shimushigaki. The inquisitor had become a member of the conspirators, so Taka swore that if these foul kolat were destroyed he would rescind his testimony against the Hare. [19]

Freeing his Sister Edit

Tomoe would be part of a ritual sacrifice to allow the Shimushigaki to enter the mortal realm, and the Maho-tsukai expected Ozaki would be also part of the ritual. Ozaki and the samurai managed to find the fortress where Tomoe was prisoner, confronting the leader Daidoji Dajan and the Maho-tsukai Nakiro while they wer eperforming the ritual. After Dajan was killed the gaki took Nakiro's corpse, but it was defeated. Tomoe was freed from captivity. [20]

Reinstatement Edit

In 1125 the soiled reputation of the Hare was cleared by the heroic efforts of Ozaki. Although many looked upon the Hare with suspicion, the clan was once more and the slow process of rebuilding has began. [21]

Kinotu's Fate Edit

The fate of his younger brother also had been revealed. An investigation of the haunted Shiro Usagi had exposed that Usagi Kinotu had been passed to a farmer, by Oda shortly before his death. The peasant had adopted the young boy and called him Otu. [22] During his time as ronin Ozaki had stopped in a few times to check upon his little brother. Ozaki never told Otu who he was, and little Otu did not recognized his brother. [23]

Hare Clan Champion Edit

The ordeal he had suffered made him the strongest daimyo the Hare Clan had ever seen. [24]

Dojo Edit

One of his first acts upon reforming the Hare was to expand and diversify their martial training. Ozaki founded Reichin's Refuge Dojo in a village near Shiro Usagi, which has since become the primary training post for young Hare samurai. [25]

Ujina Family Edit

Ozaki entered the Imperial City following the lead of a Bloodspeaker cult that had terrorized the West Hub Village. Few months later, [26] when a mass murderer was killing in the Imperial City in 1132, Usagi Ozaki and the ronin Tokimasa co-operated in apprehending the murderer as well as uncovering and destroying a bloodspeaker cell hidden within the city. Imperial Regent Takuan offered Tokimasa the family name of "Ujina" as a reward for his efforts. Ujina Tokimasa immediately swore fealty to Usagi Ozaki and the Hare Clan. [27] With the help of Ujina Tokimasa, Ozaki rebuilt the ancestral home of the Hare. [28]

Ally of the Emerald Champion Edit

Ozaki was held in high regard by Kakita Toshiken, who had fought beside him. In 1159, the sickly Toshiken advised the new Emerald Champion Daidoji Hachi to trust in Ozaki. [29]

Kolat Edit

Suzume Yugoki did not understand why Suzume Roshi had tried to kill Hantei Naseru. Ozaki told him about the kolat implication and joined Yugoki to undo it. [30]

Bloodspeaker Threat Edit

Ozaki defended Shiro Usagi against a bloodspeaker army led by Jama Suru following the return of Iuchiban and the Rain of Blood in 1165. Ozaki sent his son Kashira to gather allies, and the day was saved when Kashira returned with the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Kikaze and the Crane Clan cavalry.[2][31]

Daidoji Kikaze Edit

Ozaki became a good friend of Kikaze, and in 1167 Ozaki was his personal guest in the wedding of the Crane Clan Champion heir, Doji Domotai, with Ikoma Kusari. Rumours of a common secret project abounded. [32]

Shiro Usagi occupied by Crane Edit

In 1170 Shiro Usagi was occupied by Crane forces. When asked at Imperial Court the Crane courtiers claimed the Hare had requested it. [33] It was unknown if Ozaki did it so.

Kolat Infiltration Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion assaulted the Hidden Temple, the secret headquarters of the Kolat conspiracy. The new Ox Clan Champion Morito Garin revealed to Ozaki that one of the men killed there was Ujina Heiji, so the Kolat had infiltrated the Hare ranks. [34]

War of the Dark Fire Edit

A Badger ambassador arrived at the Emperor's Winter court and informed that a massive army of Yobanjin was preparing an invasion from the North. Ozaki sent an entire legion of Hare with him, led by Usagi Genchi. It was the beginning of the War of Dark Fire. [34]

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