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Usagi Oda 
Usagi Oda 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Children: Usagi Ozaki,
Usagi Tomoe,
Usagi Kinotu 
Titles: Hare Clan Champion

Usagi Oda was the Hare Clan Champion who led the clan until their destruction at the hands of Bayushi Tomaru in 1123.

Appearance Edit

Oda would always wear the traditional red and white colours of the Hare Clan. His clothes were normally very plain. He was slender and a little short. Despite being completely bald he aged well. He had a weak chin, which his son Ozaki also inherited. [1]

Beliefs Edit

Oda was quite old fashioned in his adherence to Bushido, but he was not too formal or stuffy. He was down to earth, took his duties seriously, and earnest in almost everything. He never joked, and would hestitate when laughing to make sure he understood the joke. [1]

Daimyo Edit

Oda was a good man put in a tough position; being the daimyo of a minor clan situated between the Crab and Scorpion clans. His clan sword had been missing for two centuries, and his lands had been constantly plagued by an ogre. [2]

Children Edit

Oda had three children, his son Usagi Ozaki and his daughter Usagi Tomoe; [3] his third child was Usagi Kinotu. [4]

Finding Tomoe a Husband Edit

Tomoe was a beautiful girl, but Oda could not afford a big dowry. He decided to send her along with Ozaki to Otosan Uchi [2] in 1122 [5] to find her a suitable husband, preferrably an influential Crab or Scorpion. The most interested suitor was Yasuki Nokatsu, but Oda did not want to entrust her to a man who flogged slaves for a living. [2]

Hare Clan Sword Edit

In 1123 Ozaki killed an ogre on the road leading to Shiro Usagi. The ogre was carrying a saya which was later identified by Oda as being the scabbard that once held the Ancestral Sword of the Hare Clan. Tomoe communed with the kami residing in the saya, and they learned the blade was being kept in the ruins of Shiro Hiruma in the Shadowlands. Ozaki volunteered to travel to Shiro Hiruma and recover the blade. [6]

Siege of Shiro Usagi Edit

While Ozaki was away seeking the Clan Sword, the Scorpion Clan sent an army to besiege Shiro Usagi. Oda was warned by a monk named Dazai, who was known to be trustworthy. Oda placed Takeshi in charge of preparing the defenses of the castle. [7]

“This castle has never fallen since Usagi Taro laid its stones; I refuse to be the first of my family to see it taken.”
- Oda

Two days after his warning the army led by Bayushi Tomaru arrived at Shiro Usagi, approximately 950 more men stronger than Oda's forces. The Scorpion announced that they were here to avenge the murder of Soshi Yukio and wanted the possessions stolen from her returned. Oda, not aware of his son's actions in Otosan Uchi, denounced the claim as the Scorpion making exuses for trying to take Hare lands. [8]

Duels Edit

Later that same day three of Bayushi Tomaru's lieutenants stepped forward and challenged the Hare Clan to three duels. If the Hare sent three champions the Scorpion would let 20 people escape the castle with their lives. Oda, alongside Seiki and Kenzo stepped forward. Oda faced and killed Bayushi Sadako in their duel, but Kenzo and Seiki were killed. [9]

Continuation of the Siege Edit

The Siege of Shiro Usagi continued for three more days. On the night of the fourth day Tomaru sent two ninja assassins to kill Oda and poison the water supply. The water was poisoned, but the second ninja was killed before reaching Oda. [10] On the fifth day Tomaru continued his assault, weakening the Hare Clan defenses further. On the sixth and final day Tomaru brought his full army to bear on the Hare Clan, intent on destroying them completely. [11]

Death Edit

Oda was killed during the destruction of Shiro Usagi by the Scorpion Clan army led by Bayushi Tomaru. Oda died in a duel during the last days of the siege, in return for the safe passage of his peasants and a few loyal retainers. Tomaru was strangely silent on the subject and he claimed no glory for the victory. [12] Shortly thereafter, the Hare Clan was disbanded by the Emperor upon hearing sworn testimony from four sources that they had practiced maho. [13]

After Death Edit

Oda became a yorei, a restless ghost, and began to haunt the ruins of the castle. In 1125 he was seen by a peasant boy, Otu, who fled after a group of ghostly samurai appeared to chase the heimin. They were Scorpions who were looking for a quick route to power so they could gain retribution, and believed that maho would serve his purpose well, and that there must be something hidden in the ruins that they could use. Words of the incident reached the Asako Inquisitors who sent a group of samurai to investigate. [14]

Seeking the Truth Edit

The group alongside with Muso, a former Hare, found that the ruins had been dug. The ghost of Oda appeared and began to scream that his son was in danger, chased by Scorpions. He moved to a nearby house, the one where Otu and his father Genko were living. The group realized the Scorpion looters were preparing to murder the young boy for bringing all these samurai to Shiro Usagi. [15]

Kinotu's Fate Edit

Before the Scorpion siege in 1123 Oda had given his son Kinotu to a farmer, Genko, and made him promise to protect the boy. Genko cared the boy upon the name of Otu, and when the Scorpion looters threatened his son's life the group of samurai saved him. [16]

Appeased Edit

Oda rested in peace after the Hare were restored as Minor Clan. [17] [18]

See Also Edit

Preceded by:
Hare Clan Champion
? - 1123
Succeeded by:


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