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Usagi Masashi

Usagi Masashi

Usagi Masashi was a Hare Clan Emerald Magistrate and one of Usagi Ozaki's many nephews. Since 1157 he served as the Hare emissary to Shiro Shinjo, where his clan maintained an embassy. Masashi built a network of friends and informants since his assignment, as part of his mission to keep tabs on any possible Kolat or Bloodspeaker activity within Unicorn Clan lands. [1]

Kolat Infiltration Edit

Masashi suspected that Moto Chagatai's nephew, Moto Chaozhu, had been joined the Kolat conspiracy. Unfortunately, Masashi could do little against such a powerful man without evidence. He requested the aid of a group of samurai to spy upon Chaozhu whithout being noticed. [1]

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