Usagi Kinotu 
Born: c.1118 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Usagi Oda,
Genko (adopted) 
Siblings: Usagi Ozaki,
Usagi Tomoe

Usagi Kinotu was a samurai of the Hare Clan and a son of Usagi Oda. [1] He supposedly died during the Siege of Shiro Usagi. [2]

Life as Otu Edit

Before the siege his father Oda passed the young boy to a farmer, Genko, and made him promise to protect the boy. Kinotu grew up upon the name of Otu and lose his memories as Hare, currently a disbanded clan upon accusation of maho. [3] During the time his older brother Usagi Ozaki was an outlaw Otu was visited a few times by him to check upon his little brother. Ozaki never told Otu who he was, and little Otu did not recognized his brother. [4]

Seeing his father's ghost Edit

In 1125, when Otu was about seven years old, he was near the ruins of Shiro Usagi when he saw a tired samurai. Hoping to aid the man Otu approached to him, and saw another group of men who appeared ghostly samurai. Otu fled to safety and words of the incident spread. [2] The tired samurai was his father's ghost, while the other ones were Scorpion, also a disbanded clan. Soshi Sanru was looking for a quick route to power so he could gain retribution. He believed that maho would serve his purpose well, and that there must be something hidden in the ruins that he could use. [3]

Investigation Edit

The news about the ruins to be haunted reached the Asako Inquisitors, who sent a group of samurai to seek the truth. When they arrived to Genko's house, his frightened father begged them to leave him be. Unknown to Otu, the previous night Genko had been menaced by ronin, who ordered to forget what they had seen. Anyhow, Otu told the story and showed the place of the incident, in the former Hare Clan Champion's meeting room. Eventually the group of samurai, aided by Oda's ghost, found that the Scorpions would kill Otu and Genko, and saved them from the looters. [5] It was unknown what happened to Otu after he was uncovered as Oda's son.


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