Usagi Kashira 
Usagi Kashira 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Usagi Ozaki 
Siblings: Usagi Oteko 
Titles: Hare Clan Champion

Usagi Kashira was the son of Hare Clan Champion Usagi Ozaki, [1] and had a sister, Usagi Oteko. [2] He became the Hare Clan Champion after his father. [3]

Bunrakuken cultists Edit

The Hare Clan spied on the activities of the Cult of the Dead Moon, created by Bunrakuken, Kashira being the most devoted to those missions. [4]

Bloodspeaker Threat Edit

Shiro Usagi was attacked by a bloodspeaker army led by Jama Suru following the return of Iuchiban and the Rain of Blood in 1165. Usagi Ozaki sent his son Kashira to gather allies, and the day was saved when Kashira returned with the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Kikaze and the Crane Clan cavalry. [1] [5]

Saigorei's Death Edit

Kashira was with Saigorei when died. Kashira sent words to his daughter Jineko. [6]

Hare Clan Champion Edit

Destroyer War Edit

The Clan was led by Kashira during the Destroyer War. [3] In the month of the Hare of 1173, [7] Kashira was under the command of Akodo Tetsuru, who was leading a combined force of Lion, Unicorn and Hare warriors at Kudo. When the snow began to chill the Destroyers resumed their advance in the area. Tetsuru ordered to evacuate the village, and to leave it undefended. Kashira was angered, he believed this was the petty vengeance of the Lion, who had gained to later lost the control of Kudo few years ago. [8]

Age of Conquest Edit

During the beginning of the Age of Conquest the Hare sent a few samurai to the Colonies. [3]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Usagi Ozaki
Hare Clan Champion
c. 1173
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