Usagi Gintoro was a bushi of the Hare Clan.

Betrothed's Death Edit

Gintoro and his best friend Usagi Fumata competed for the affection of a young woman, and eventually she selected and betrothed him. Less than a month before Gintoro's wedding, his betrothed disappeared. He scoured the Hare lands and exposed a Bloodspeaker cell in the Shinomen Mori who kept his love and friend captives. Gintoro slaughtered the Bloodspeakers, and saved his friend, but he could not save her. Gintoro did not overcome the idea that Fumata had betrayed the woman to the Bloodspeakers in exchange for his life.[1]

Shifted demeanor Edit

The incident transformed Ginloro into a specter of revenge, and he scoured the Empire in senrch of Maho-tsukai. There were some who said that several innocents had perished under his blade for crimes they did not commit. His reputation as a hunter of the black arts garnered him his invitation to participate in the Test of the Emerald Champion in 1169. [1]

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