Usagi Genchi

Usagi Genchi

Usagi Genchi was a bushi yojimbo of the Hare Clan, known as a legend and a monster to his kinsmen.

Loss of his Family Edit

In his youth, Genchi was a respected magistrate. One day a foolish maho-tsukai accidentally unleashed a Senru no Oni which destroyed Genchi's village before leaving out of boredom. Genchi's parents, brother and betrothed were among the dead. Genchi then tracked the beast over one-hundred miles before fighting it alone in an unoccupied forest. Genchi was able to slay the monster on his own, but his body was horribly scarred. [1] It was said that the only thing more disturbing than his scars was what was left of the oni. [2]

Scarred for Life Edit

Genchi was horrified to have survived. Incredibly, no Taint ever manifested in his wounds and the Kuni proclaimed Genchi pure. Genchi had lost everything, and though surviving, he considered himself dead. Since the fight with the oni Genchi began working with the Kuni, Asako and even the Kuroiban in hunting Shadowlands beasts. Genchi had learned more about killing than perhaps any other Hare in history. [1]

Army of the Alliance Edit

Because of his expertise Genchi was asked to be the senior Hare sensei at Koeru Mura Dojo. He refused but was partially swayed when he was reminded of how much the Hare would lose if Genchi were to die before passing along his expertise. In the end, Genchi took the position on orders from his daimyo, Usagi Ozaki. He served without complaint as sensei as well as a Shireikan in the Army of the Alliance. [1]

War of the Dark Fire Edit

Badger ambassador arrived at the Emperor's Winter court and informed that a massive army of Yobanjin was preparing an invasion from the North. The Hare Clan Champion Usagi Ozaki sent an entire legion of Hare with him, led by Genchi. It was the beginning of the War of Dark Fire. [3]

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