Armor of the Uruwashii

Armor of the Uruwashii

The Uruwashii was an old Rokugani tradition that had been abandoned until Empress Iweko reinstated it during the Destroyer War. [1]

Special Military Rank Edit

The position of uruwashii was a special military rank that could only be conferred by the Divine Empress, one of her Chosen, including the Shogun, Imperial Advisor, Imperial Chancellor, Voice of the Empress, the Imperial Herald, the Imperial Treasurer, or the Emerald and Jade Champions. The rank, once conferred, granted autonomy and prestige to those who possessed it, allowing them to act upon their own initiative during times of war and granting them the right to requisition troops and resources from their lords to wage war for the Empress directly. This was a unique right that allowed an individual samurai unprecedented freedom in terms of his military involvement, although most were careful never to disrespect or insult their generals and Champions. [1]

Confirmed Uruwashii Edit

Expected Uruwashii Edit

Several rokugani were chosen to be appointed as Uruwashii but it is not known if they got the station. [1]

Armor Edit

The Uruwashii wore special armor created by the Tsi. [3]

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