Born: Unknown 
Died: 441 
Died after return: 1127 
Titles: Kitsu Daimyo

Kitsu Uragiri was the Kitsu Daimyo serving the great general Akodo Godaigo as Hatamoto. [1] He fell under the curse of the Kenshin's Helm becoming a Maho-tsukai. Uragiri fled to the Shadowlands and was blessed by Fu Leng becoming the undead Uragirimono. [2]

Kenshin's Helm Edit

The young Kitsu Daimyo Uragiri stumbled over Kenshin's Helm, a cursed artifact that twisted the shugenja's mind. Uragiri treasured the helm and wore it often, never realizing the subtle effect it had upon his sanity. He became a deadly maho-tsukai, his Taint carefully hidden by subtle magic. In time, he became advisor to the great general, Akodo Godaigo. [1]

Deceit and Fall Edit

He was lead astray by the voices telling him to bring Godaigo to ruin. [3] In 441 [4] [5] Uragiri used maho to convince Godaigo that his lover, Matsu Hitomi, was a criminal and a traitor. He and Godaigo tracked her down at The City of Remebrance where Uragiri placed a curse on Hitomi, causing her death. His maho plague also destroyed much of the city. Uragiri then fled to the Shadowlands where he was transformed into a beast, Uragiri, as punishment for his failure to completely corrupt Godaigo. [6]

Service in the Shadowlands Edit



Fu Leng bound Uragiri to Godaigo's spirit by a powerful curse. He could never become a true Akutenshi until Godaigo joined the Lost. [7] Hidden in a cave [8] deep in the Shadowlands Uragiri waited for when Godaigo's soul was reborn so he would receive a second chance to bring Godaigo to the Lost. [6]

The demented undead remains of Kitsu Uragiri became known as Uragirimono, and resembled a giant rotting corpse covered with vein-like writhing tentacles. Uragiri was surrounded by zombies. [9]

Undead Edit

Uragiri was changed into a beast for his failure to completely corrupt Akodo Godaigo's soul into one of the Lost. Uragirimono waited in the Shadowlands for when Godaigo's soul was reborn so he would receive a second chance to corrupt it. [6] [10]

Spawns Edit

The Uragirimono spawns were the detached tentacles of Uragiri. They could instantly assume control of a dead body simply by crawling into it. If a host was killed, the tentacles darted from the body to seek a new host. [11]

12th Century Edit

Hunting the Helm Edit

In 1127 the Helm of Kenshin was in the possession of one of Uragirimono's greater spawn, hidden within the Phoenix lands. The Uragirimono did not yet realize that Miya Yumi and her allies, Sanzo, Koan, and Ashinagabachi Ichiro, were hunting the Helm. It had dispatched its spawn to the lands around Beiden Pass, seeking its ancient foe Akodo Godaigo in the hopes of bringing the old spirit to it and using the Helm to complete Godaigo's corruption. One of its lesser spawn was destroyed at Traitor's Grove by Godaigo and a group of samurai. [12]

Black Scroll Edit

This year Yogo Junzo sent Uragirimono to Road's End Village, to destroy it and to steal the 11th Black Scroll - the Doom of Fu Leng - and the Kenshin's Helm, that were hidden in a cave outside the city. Shosuro Hametsu eventually defeat Uragirimono when, days later, favorable wind conditions allowed him to spread an incense poisonous to the tainted across the village. [13]

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Kitsu Daimyo
? - 441
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