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Unicorn Striders

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Unicorn Striders

Unicorn Striders

The Unicorn Striders were the younger rank of the Unicorn infantry, trained to run fast to join the battle. [1] With cavalry to lead the charge and infantry to protect the cavalry flank, the Unicorn had devastating offensive capabilities. [2] They used speed to deploy the units at range, and then withdrawing the horses so that the men can fight on foot. [3]

Known Engagements Edit

Scorpion Coup Edit

During the Scorpion Coup the Striders tested the Scorpion defenses at Otosan Uchi under the command of Shinjo Mokatsu. [4]

Battle of Treacherous Pass Edit

The Striders were part of the invading Unicorn army who was defeated by the Phoenix in the Battle of Treacherous Pass. [5]

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