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Heritage Tables

After choosing a family for the character the player may choose to roll on the Heritage Tables to see what sort of lineage the character has. The player may roll up to three times on the tables, but each has a cost of 1 Character Point.

Heritage Table 1 Edit

1-2 Dishonorable Past. Roll on Heritage Table 2.
3-5 Undistinguished Past. No Benefits or Penalties.
6-9 Distinguished Past. Roll on Heritage Table 3.
10 Mixed Blessings. Roll on Heritage Table 4.

Heritage Table 2 - Dishonorable Past Edit

Moto characters subtract one from their rolls on this table and Otaku/Utaku characters add one.

1 Corrupted! One of your family rides with the Shadowlands, as he has for the last five centuries. Start the game with 0 Glory and lose 1 Honor Rank.
2 Scapegoat! Another clan betrayed your family's trust and all but destroyed it. You begin with no steed, no money, no family, just your outfit (all of which is poor quality). Choose Clan responsible.
3-5 Fool! Your family fell for a subtle Rokugani ploy. Roll a dice: if even you have a Dark Secret, if odd you have an Obligation. Choose Clan responsible.
6 Weakling! One of your ancestors failed to live up to his duty to the clan. You start with no Glory, and must earn 20 glory points to reach rank 1.
7-8 Deserter! Your parents forswore their loyalty and left the clan with hard feelings. This happened shortly before your gempukku. You are a clan ronin.
9 Cursed! Your ancestors cheated a gaijin wizard, who cursed your family to the tenth generation. Lose two points of Honor, and you don't get your family's Trait benefit.
10 Scoundrel! Even magistrates can be bribed; your father was. He was banished, and his name struck from Clan histories. Your mother commited seppuku. Your clan will give you no land or title, and will not trust you with money.
11 Charlatan! Your mother betrayed the Battle Maidens. Lose one Honor; you may not join the Battle Maiden school.

Heritage Table 3 - Distinguished Past Edit

1 Venerable Blood. The blood of your original ancestor flows strongly in your veins. Gain 1 Honor and 1 Void. (this roll may only occur once, treat repeat rolls as no effect)
2 Worthy Pedigree. Due to marriage, the blood of a different family's ancestor flows in your veins. If you are a shugenja, gain a Unicorn Clan Secret Spell (Appendix III of Way of the Unicorn). Otherwised, gain the rank 1 technique of any Unicorn school other than shugenja or Battle Maiden.
3-5 Battle Veteran. Go to Table 3A - Great Battles.*
6-7 A Hero's End. Go to Table 3B - Glorious Death.*
8-9 Meritorious Service. Go to Table 3C - Notable Awards.
10 Famous Affair. Your family has romantic ties with another clan. Roll a die: if even, a politically expedient marriage was arranged, gain a Minor Ally from another clan and you can attend that family's school without buying the Different School advantage; if odd, the affair was troublesome, and you gain a Minor Ally and Minor Enemy from that clan.

* Ide characters must re-roll these results. Accept the result if they get it a second time

Table 3A - Great Battles Edit

Moto characters subtract three from this roll, Shinjo characters add one.

The Blood War Approximately 500 years ago, the Moto fought off the Lying Darkness. Your ancestor was one the few that survived. Gain one Glory rank and a free Void point to spend in every battle against Shadowlands creatures.
A Small Battle Dispersed across the continent, the Unicorn fought a number of pitched battles during their many years abroad, though the renown of these pales in comparison to more recent events. The Unicorn have also played a part in many of the Crane's battles. Gain five Glory points.
The Return of the Unicorn: the Kaiu Walls Your ancestor was particularly distinguished in the initial assault on the northern Kaiu walls during the Unicorn's return some 200 years ago. The Crab Clan lost interest when it turned out that the Unicorn were not of the Shadowlands. They have long memories, however. Gain one Glory rank, one rank in Battle, and a Minor Enemy in the Crab Clan.
Seven Day Battle Plain After riding through the Crab, the Unicorn faced the Lion and Scorpion on the historic field where Iuchiban had been defeated a century earlier. The terrain gave the mounted Unicorn an advantage to counter the superior numbers they faced, and were able to withdraw to the north. Gain one Honor rand and one rank in Battle.
Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals In 827, the corrupted Moto led a vast army out of the Shadowlands and into Unicorn territory. Near the shores of Chrysanthemum Petal Lake the Unicorn and ashigaru turned them back. Gain one Glory rank and one rank in Shadowlands Lore.
Battle of White Shore Plain Before this battle, the Scorpion made a concerted effort to prove to the Empire that the so-called "Unicorn" were not Shinjo's children, but barbarian impostors. In the battle, they were defeated suspiciously easily by a small Unicorn force of mainly Battle Maidens and a handful of Lion samurai. Immediately thereafter, the Scorpion publicly recognized the Unicorn. Gain one Glory rank, a Minor Ally in the Akodo family and a Minor Enemy in the Bayushi family.

Table 3B - Glorious Death Edit

Moto characters subtract one from this roll.

0-1 Killed fighting the Shadowlands. Gain 1 Rank in a weapon of your choice. You are immune to the fear generated by some Shadowlands creatures.
2-5 Killed in a Duel. Gain 1 Rank Iaijutsu and three Character Points.
6-10 Killed in Battle. Roll on Table 3A - Great Battles, and once on the list below.
1 Saved the day. Gain Major Ally from any clan or family fighting on your ancestors side in the battle.
2 Spared someone's life: gain a Major Ally from an opposing clan and a Minor Enemy from a clan on your side.
3 Died protecting the general. Gain a Minor Ally from a clan on your side.
4-5 Killed an important foe. Gain 1 Glory Point and a Minor Enemy from the opposing clan.
6 Saved a wounded samurai. Go to Table 3D - Gifts.
7-9 Fought well. Roll d10 - Gain 1-10 Glory Points and a Minor Enemy from the opposing clan.
10 Seppuku. Your ancestor committed suicide to spare his family's honor, leaving you with a token of rememberance. Go to Table 3D - Gifts
10 Seppuku. Ancestor committed suicide to spare the family honor, leaving you with gift. Go to Table 3D - Gifts.

Table 3C - Notable Awards Edit

Gain one Honor and roll below. Moto subtract two, Ide add two.

-1-2 Famous General. Gain one rank in Battle.
3-4 Special mission for the Emperor. Got to table 3D - Gifts.
5-7 Emerald Magistrate. Gain a Minor Ally in the Imperial Court or any clan.
8 Winner of the Great Hunt: Gain one rank in Yomanri or Hunting.
9-10 No special bonus.
11-12 Imperial Procurer. Gain 20 koku

Table 3D - Gifts Edit

All gifts subject to interpretation of Game Master.

1-6 Money.
7-8 Land.
9 Items of high quality.
10 Magic.

Heritage Table 4 - Mixed Blessing Edit

1-3 Your ancestor was an Imperial Magistrate who revealed another family's dishonor. Gain Major Enemy, 1 Honor Rank, and 1 Rank in Investigation.
4 Your family studied under gaijin alchemists. Gain one rank in Poison.
5 Your ancestor married a gaijin. Gain one rank in any Trait that is at rank 2, one rank of Gaijin Lore, and you look like a gaijin. This gives Social Disadvantage and Bad Reputation when dealing with non-Unicorn Rokugani.
6-7 Your ancestor slew another clan's hero in a duel. Gain Major Enemy and an item of excellent quality that was taken from his foe's hands.
8-9 Your family has struggled financially. You have no koku and all your items save one are average quality. Gain four Bugei, Craft or Low skills at Rank 1.
10 You have inherited a magical item. It is said to have been taken from an oni by a distant relative. You are unsure whether it really is magic, and even if it is you are not sure if it is cursed or tainted.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Unicorn pages 57-58

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