The Unicorn Clan Army was the military might of the Unicorn Clan. For centuries it was organized following the model of legions and armies established by Akodo in his legendary treatise Leadership, but it changed in 1132, when Moto Gaheris was appointed by Shinjo to lead the Clan. The Moto reorganized the armies on the same model the Moto Clan had used for generations. [1]

Organization Edit

The Unicorn Clan Army was organized in three armies, each with its own characteristics and duties: the Baraunghar, the Junghar, and the Khol. [1]

Baraunghar Edit

It was the smallest, a unit composed of Iuchi Shugenja. Its duty was to bolster the speed, strength, and endurance of their troops, to heal the injured, and to confound the enemy. The rest of members were yojimbo who guarded the shugenja, and warriors experienced in skirmishes and hit and run tactics. [1]

Junghar Edit

Much larger than the Baraunghar, its duty was protecting Unicorn holdings. They learned defensive tactics, and portected the Clan's outer borders, patrolling regularly to detect any threat for the Clan. [1]

Khol Edit

It was the Khan's personal army, the largest and most aggressive of the three. The Khol brought war to the enemy, with seasoned soldiers trained to take the offensive and stay on it. When the Unicorn Clan waged war, the Khan personally led the Khol into battle. [1]

Offensive strategies Edit

The offensive formation had a wedge pattern with the Battle Maidens spearheading the assault, supported to their rear by the Heavy Cavalry, and to their rear the Mounted Infantry. The Medium Cavalry were on the flanks, and the Light Cavalry furthest out. [2]

See below a standard offensive strategy:

Defensive strategies Edit

The defensive formation deployed in a very long line, with the dismounted infantry as the center, the Medium Cavalry/Horse Archers to their immediate flanks, and the Light Cavalry again farthest out. The Shiotome and the Heavy Cavalry supported the Infantry to the rear. [3]

See below a standard defensive strategy:

Weaknesses Edit

After the Unicorn srategies were leaked to the Lion by a Scorpion, they learned the weaknesses of the plan. The strategy relied upon the enemy's lack of cavalry and archers, and that the foe would charge against them. Placing pikemen in the center of the line negated the Shiotome charge, or attacking the Unicorn center with cavalry would immobilize the expected cavalry charge, and the infantry would take care of them through superior numbers. [4]


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