Unfinished Business - Prelude
Written By: Rich Wulf
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: Twelfth century

Unfinished Business - Prelude is a short fiction written by Rich Wulf for a tournament.[2]

Annotated Story Edit

Togashi Mitsu

Togashi Mitsu

Thirty years have passed and much has happened in Rokugan, and some people's destinies lie unfulfilled.

Among the Crab is an anceint warrior who remembers when his courage failed and wonders what may have been different.

Among the Crane a man remembers when men stood united and wonders if it could happen again.

Among the Dragon a hero sits in the mountains wondering when his destiny will come to pass.

Among the Lion an old man has the secret to his clan's greatest threat.

Among the Phoenix a lost soul with memories of the past and future is searching for a way home.

Among the Tribes of the Nezumi a scout seeks the souls of those taken by the Lying Darkness, determined to save them before his own time is up.

Among the Scorpion an old general is angry over his failures when young, and plots vengeance against those he cannot defeat.

In the Shadowlands a master of dark magic recovers from defeat, swearing to return stronger or die trying.

Among the Unicorn an shugenja will not stand idle as Chagatai's armies prepare for war.

The winning clan will see their hero return from retirement, in a full fiction.

Characters Edit

Not Present, But Mentioned Edit

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