Unbreakable Blade Dojo was the Hida Defender school which provided advanced training in iaijutsu. It was located in a quiet spot in the hills between Yasuki Hanko and the Watchtower of the West, in the Yasuki provinces. [1]

Sensei Edit

Iaijutsu was a discipline not particularly popular among Crab bushi, but Crab Clan Champions nurtured and supportcd the Unbreakable Blade, as they knew the necessity of duelists among their kin. All Unbreakable Blade sensei were odd ducks among Crab warriors, who had studied iaijutsu with bushi from other Clans. The majority of then came from the ranks of political hostages returned home, or those who had had the opportunity to observe enemy duelists close. Others were Crab with a strong philosophical bent, who embraced the art of the sword. [2]

Training Edit

The students were of the same mind as their sensei, hardened bushi who received advanced training, but the lessons had not the mastery of those taught in the Kakita or Mirumoto schools. The dojo developed new techniques centered on strength and force of will, in connection to the Earth element. They also trained tetsubo-suru, the art of the Tetsubo Duelist. [3]


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