Umoeru Mura

Umoeru Mura (CN11)

Umoeru Mura (CN11) in the Umoeru province [1] was formerly named Hayaku Mura after the renowned Crane hero, Daidoji Hayaku. [2] It was connected to the inland Crane territories by the Silk Pass. [3]

Destroyed Edit

Once a thriving village, Umoeru Mura was destroyed in a Crab attack at the beginning of the 12th century. Daidoji Hayaku's Shrine was one of the few structures to survive. The village never fully recovered, falling victim to frequent bandit attacks and natural disasters over the years. The area was renamed "Rubble Village", and poorer heimin and eta scraped out burrows in the rubble piles, referred to as "rabbit holes". The village was used as a threat for failure among the Doji Courtiers. [2]

Recovery Edit

Not until the recent Crane-Crab alliances had reconstruction efforts begun, and the village was becoming a city again. [4] The village's major export was coal and its secondary industry was trade with the Mantis. [2]

Known Governors Edit


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