Umabeko was a ronin shugenja who worked as a magistrate of the Scorpion Clan when the Scorpion Clan Champion was Bayushi Shoju.

Mission Edit

She was leading three other magistrates, to report the outcome of a skirmish between the Lion and the Crane, when they met Ashiryo Hijiko and her yoriki Ginawa. Both groups rode together to see the fight. [1]

Crane-Lion battle Edit

The Lion army ahd the advantage of the numbers, but the Crane general lured his opponent to a duel when he managed to doubt of his honor. The duelist easily defeated the Lion general, and the Lion army would be defeated, sheer numbers without guidance. An arrow pierced the Crane general, fired so close that it had not came from the Lion side. Umabeko had fired it, so the battle would be a bloodshed between to armies without a general, weakening in one shoot two enemies of the Scorpion. [2]

Death Edit

Ginawa rushed, foreseeing the Scorpion group had been the responsible of the arrow which took the Crane's life, and Umabeko was killed by the ronin wielding the Bloodsword. [3]


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