Ukairo was a boy attunned with the Air element with a rare skin illness.

Illness Edit

Ukairo suffered a rare skin ailment, which was slowed by ingestion of a root. He showed great promise in enticing the kami of Air. Ukairo was dying, so the Phoenix sent him to the Temple to the Kami at Otosan Uchi, to determine if he could host the position of Acolyte of Air. [1]

Challenges Edit

The temple had four rooms, one for each element, which he managed to pass, but in the Tower of Void he found himself too sick, and projected his spirit to find someone who could bring him the root for him. His soul reached the Shinomen Mori, where a bushi heard him, took the root and bring it to the temple. [1]

Death Edit

Unfortunately he arrived too late, Ukairo had already died. The kami of the temple were enraged, and blocked the exit from the building to the bushi. He had to pay the debt he owed for his failure, and the kami would bind him to the temple, serving there until his debt was paid. The man took the name of Shioda, joining the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and he would become in time the Caretaker of the temple. [2]


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