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The Ujina family was the smaller and younger family of Hare Clan. [1]

Founding Edit

When a mass murderer was killing in the Imperial City in 1132, Usagi Ozaki and a ronin Tokimasa co-operated in apprehending the murderer as well as uncovering and destroying a bloodspeaker cell hidden within the city. Imperial Regent Takuan offered Tokimasa the family name of "Ujina" as a reward for his efforts. Ujina Tokimasa immediately swore fealty to Usagi Ozaki and the Hare Clan. [2] The Imperial Regent had promised Tokimasa he would do his best to give him the Ujina family name when Toturi I was found once more. Toturi saw no reason to break the promise when he returned to the throne, and made the christening official. [3]

Skills Edit

The Ujina were skilled, stealthy warriors, using a variety of techniques in order to 'bring evil to justice'. [1] [4]

Home Edit

The Ujina conduct most of their business out of the farming village Meidochi as well as training at Reichin's Refuge Dojo. [5] [4]

Daimyo Edit

The following are the known daimyo of the Ujina:

Ujina Tokimasa 1132 - ?
Ujina Yoshimitsu (c. 1166)

See also Edit


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