Ujina Tatsuhei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ujina Shou

Ujina Tatsuhei was a blacksmith of the Hare Clan.

Caught by the Scorpion Edit

Tatsuhei's village was under the protection of the Lion Clan during their conflict with the Scorpion Clan. He worked for the Lion for a promise of protection for his family during their conflict with the Scorpion Clan, and money after the war. In the Month of the Hare in 1200, shortly after his son Ujina Shou became ill, Tatsuhei was confronted by Shosuro Tagiso, a Scorpion agent, who blackmailed him. Tatsuhei agreed to work alone for the Scorpion, leaving his family behind, in return for the antidote that would heal his son. Tagiso planted a corpse with Tatsuhei's clothes, and the villagers believed the blacksmith had been mauled to death by wild boars. [1]


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