Ugure was the yoriki of the samurai-ko and Emerald Magistrate Ide Nominari.

Yugoro's Lair Edit

In 1162 they found Yugoro's Lair, the hidden cave of Yugoro, the infamous Bandit-Lord of the Clan War. His charge had been seeking the place for a year. They were trapped in the mountain lair due to winter storms for over two weeks, and from the beginning Nominari had suffered painful headaches and memory loss. Ugure had been sent for supplies, and his fate was unknown. [1]

Nominari's Fate Edit

Nominari was possesed by the spirit of Yugoro and feasted on the flesh of the slew of peasants that had accompanied the magistrate. She became a new bandit-Lord, leader of the rebuilt Yugoro's Hordes, and used a new name, Yugoro. [2]


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