Oni no Ugulu

Ugulu no Oni

Ugulu no Oni towered over thirteen feet tall and was an ugly brute with a nasty temper. Its footsteps caused the ground to shake and its growling laughter echoed across the land as it approached. Its hide was thick with a purplish tint and covered in coarse hair. Arrows had nearly no effect on it, and only armor piercing arrows had any chance of piercing its thick hide. It had great horns, glowing eyes and a tongue like a serpent of flame, and struk terror into all those who saw it. [1]

It attacked with its great clawed hands, and a solid strike from the oni could crush a man's bones into ashes. While it lacked strategic and cunning its strengh and stamina meant it could take a dozen or more men to bring it down by normal means. [1]

It was also immune to some magic, which varied from creature to creature. This was unknown to all Rokugani since even the studies of Kuni Mokuna lead them to think that all magics could affect it. [2] Those who discovered this immunity were never in any condition afterwards to make a report.[1]

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Ugulu no Oni 2

Ugulu no Oni

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