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Ugawari family 
Patron family: Kuni family 
Clan: Crab Clan 
Founded: 4th century 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Ugawari family was a vassal family in service to the Kuni family of the Crab Clan. [1] They most frequently joined the Hiruma Scout school. [2]

Founding Edit

In the 4th century, the Kuni saw fit to grant vassal family status to the more respectable of their monster-catchers. Thus, the Ugawari were born. [3]

Duty Edit

The duty of the Ugawari was to capture Shadowlands creatures for the Kuni to use in experiments. [4] The Ugawari were an ill-favored lot; their faces and bodies scarred and warped from hand-to-hand combat. They wrapped their limbs in coarse cloth sleeves, covered their vulnerable areas with battered armor of solid iron, and wore cage-like helmets. They fought with blunt weapons, such as tetsubo, thrown chains, whips, nets, and the man-catcher weapon known as the sasumata. Ugawari were skilled at constructing restraints and dungeons that would hold the creatures they captured. [3]

Holdings Edit

Ugawari Torid-e was their ancestral home, and it was valiantly defended when the Carpenter Wall Falls. [3]

Ugawari Daimyo Edit

The following were the known daimyo of the Ugawari:

Ugawari Furoken (c. 1160)

See also Edit


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