Ugawa family
Patron family: Bayushi family
Clan: Scorpion Clan
Founded: 4th century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Ugawa family was a vassal family of the Bayushi family of the Scorpion Clan.

Founding Edit

In the 4th century a samurai-ko named Kaiu Ugawa was responsible for the needless death of her unit. As a covert punishment she was married into the Scorpion Clan. She believed there were no purpose for her among the Scorpion, but then found their forges lacking.

Her techniques that she taught to her new clan's armoursmiths earned her a vassal family under the Bayushi, who preserve her methods to this day. [1]

Duties Edit

The Ugawa were a Juhin-Kenzoku, a quartermaster or forgery family, of the Scorpion Clan. [1]

Ugawa Daimyo Edit

Bayushi Ugawa 4th century


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