Born: Unknown 
Parents: Isawa Nori 
Siblings: One unnamed brother

Isawa Uesuko became the ronin Uesuko in the late twelfth century. She went to the Colonies and lived in Journey's End City. She considered herself a failure as a shugenja, but came to the Colonies to comfort the lower classes with her knowledge of charms and prayers. She sold charms and prayers in the streets at a booth, but sometimes felt like a charlatan. [1]

Heritage Edit

She was the daughter of Isawa Nori, but only had a small talent for speaking with the kami. Her brother had a respectable position at a nearby temple, and had grown into a sober, thoughtful young scholar. Her father had inherited an old nemuranai in the shape of a wide bowl, painted with flowers and cicadas. One of Nori's ancestors had awoken the spirit, but his great-uncle broke the artifact by betraying his lord. The family hoped that one from Nori's line would sooth the spirit and reawaken it to virtue. [1]

Ronin Edit

Uesuko had attempted the soothing herself, but her talent was too small and she offended the spirit. This caused the bowl's crack to widen and was a shame for the family. Afterwards, Uesko became ronin and travelled to the Colonies. [1] Iuchi Furade was a shugenja who came by every two weeks to buy a single charm and commune with the rest, thus assuring their magical virtue. [2]

Meeting Daigotsu Anije Edit

While selling charms, Uesko witnessed a peasant named Jun being bruised up by the tall, powerfully built Daigotsu Anije, who collected danegeld as an enforcer in Journey's End City. Uesuko stood up for the victim, which left an impression on Ajine. [1] The Spider bushi's respect she earned when she helped calm the ghost of the late Anako, whom Anije believed to be a gaki. [3]

Father's Request Edit

Uesuko was met by Shiba Tamotsu, one of his father's retainers. Nori had heard of the rise of the Fudo, the highhandedness of the Crab Clan Champion's brother, and the chaotic conditions of the Colonies. Tamotsu had to take her back, but Uesuko refused, as her place was in the Colonies among her friends. [2]


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