an Ubume

Ubume, also known as the "mourning ghost", were spirits of women who had become lost on their journey to Meido and returned to mourn the tragedies of their life. [1]

Origin Edit

Ubume were ghosts of women who had died in childbirth or while the child was still in her womb. The mother and child could not pass into the afterlife until the child was born. [2]

Appearance Edit

They were pale, beautiful women in long white garments. When angered they became insectoids with dark segmented eyes and great moth-like wings. [1]

Legends Edit

Legends said that those samurai that found her were offered a infant, and the spirit begged he hold her child, and those who took the baby found a newborn in his arms. If the samurai refused, Ubume screamed and sprayed blood, fading from view. [3] The child grew heavy with each passing second, and if the holder managed to keep hold of the child as its weight increases, the child and mother disappeared. The holder felt a warm touch or kiss, and they were rewarded in some way. [2]

Hateful Edit

It was also said several Ubume were hateful creatures, who delighted to make malicious acts. [2]

Known ubume Edit


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